Optimus Markets Review


The trade and investment market, which is also known as the finance market, is one of the leading markets around the world. Further, the onset of this grave pandemic resulted in an increase in the number of people switching to the finance market to earn some money. All of these activities have further encouraged a huge number of cybercriminals and online scammers to enter the market as well. With their clever minds and brilliant disguises, they successfully manage to scam hundreds of people every year.

About Optimus Markets:

Optimus Markets, like every other scam broker, claims itself to be the best in the market with no evidence of being one. A little research by our expert team of cyber specialists was all that it took for us to realize that the company has been put on the warning list by the Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA, the regulatory authority of the United Kingdom. We have found our first contradiction and red flag. The company that claims to operate in the United Kingdom does not have a license that allows the trade and investment companies to work there. The company further states that it has its headquarters in Hungary. Now this is not at all possible as the regulatory authority of Hungary maintains strict policies for the broker companies there and if Optimus Markets has a license in Hungary then it would not face any problems to get a license in the United Kingdom. The countries in Europe like Hungary, have set a limit on the leverage that is allowed by the broker companies to offer. The limit set by Europe is 1:30. However, Optimus Markets offers leverage much higher than that. Hence, Optimus Markets cannot be a European Trader.

Upon reading the terms and conditions on the website of Optimus Markets, we found out that the company states to be licensed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Now all those who have been reading our reviews must have, till now, detected the biggest red flag of them all. For those who are new, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an offshore zone and a part of the Caribbean islands. An offshore zone is a term used for those places where there are no regulatory authorities and it is very easy for brokers to get a license due to the absence of regulatory authorities. The registration in such places does not even require the founder or the person responsible for the company to go to their office. Anyone with a computer or a laptop or even a mobile phone connected to a stable internet connection can register and get a license from such offshore zones.

Is Optimus Markets a scam or legit?

Optimus Markets also offers a variety of account options for their poor victims to choose from. These options range from individual accounts to joint accounts. They claim on their website that they have a wide range of options for their customers to choose from and also assure the best possible returns and bonuses. To conclude all that has been said in this review, Optimus Markets is a major scam. We do not recommend any of our readers to invest with this fraud company.

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