Original Crypto Review


Original Crypto is yet another crypto broker established to generate revenue from the recent cryptocurrency bubble. The broker is situated in Bulgaria and has another office in Moscow, Russia. It offers massive ROI per day with the minimum initial investment. The broker claims to have developed world-class Bitcoin mining program to generate high ROI per day. Sadly, the broker isn’t licensed. Apart from this, many irregularities are associate with this broker. In this Original Crypto review, we will unmask this broker and inform you about the true nature of this broker. Read the full Original Crypto review here.

About Original Crypto:

The broker offers six different trading account types. The minimum investment required to open a basic account is 0.5 BTC, and the amount is more than 4,000 USD. Then the higher account needs 45 BTC to start trading, and this amount is whopping 364,000 USD. The topmost account promises 100% ROI per day. The leverages offered are quite high and starts from 1:200 to 1:400. The higher leverage level is attractive but can cause losses very quickly. Therefore, most of the regulated markets have banned high leverages for the safety of traders funds. Another worrisome fact about Original Crypto is its mining program. We were unable to find any information about the program, neither how it functions. Also, there is no developer mentioned in this program. It seems that the whole of the system is anonymous, and there is no one to blame after a scam. It also claims to provide the world-class Crypto Education System. But, the information provided in it is illogical, irrelevant and fake. Also, many users have spotted several grammatical mistakes in their data. According to many users, the Original Crypto does not allow to withdraw either initial deposit or earned profit. Other says that all the profit seen was faked by the company to look legit.

Is Original Crypto scam or legit?

It seems like Original Crypto is yet another scam operating in the crypto market. All the promises this broker does are so lucrative that the traders do not realise the risk associated with it. The initial investment is quite high and leverages so high are prohibited in regulated markets. The owner of the broker is not known and how the mining program works is a mystery. The offered return on investment is so exaggerated that they are unbelievable. We believe that the Original Crypto is a potential cryptocurrency scam broker. Traders will lose their investments if traded with this broker.

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