Podium Recovery Review

Podiumrecovery.com is an online recovery firm that provides services for recovering funds of the victims who have lost their funds to online fraud brokers. There are many such recovery firms present in the market and some are involved in the scams. So, we need to be sure about the firm we are dealing with and here in this article, we will have a detailed review of podiumrecovery.com.

About Podiumrecovery:

Podiumrecovery.com claims to offer services varying from retrieving funds from unregulated brokers to retrieving funds from any form of online fraud and legal breaches of merchants. The firm is addressed in Michigan, USA, however it doesn’t mention any detail about its license or registration with FCA. The website of the firm looks a little incomplete and confusing as it has ‘recovery’ in its name but also provides financial advisory services like future investment planning and risk management. The site podiumrecovery.com seems suspicious as it has got no solid facts about its successful cases or even authenticity. Although they have provided some testimonials in their site but we are not sure how much authentic they are. It has just provided contact details and no other legal details about it which can help in gaining a user’s confidence. Read the full Podiumrecovery review here.

More facts about the Podiumrecovery:

After going in some more details and findings, it was found that the ‘About Us’ section of the podiumrecovery.com is copied from other recovery sites. This is a negative thing about podiumrecovery.com as the content of their site is not original. The FAQ section of the firm has a question asking’ Is the firm right for the victim approaching them for recovering his funds?’. The answer to this question seems unprofessional. They instead of providing any license or registration detail in the answer, asked the user to try them to know the answer. When we searched the internet to find some information and reviews about podiumrecovery.com, we found nothing about this firm on the internet, which is a one big negative point. As reviews and internet presence of an online firm is the one of the biggest factors of a good reputed firm.

Whois record of Podiumrecovery:

According to the whois.domaintools.com, whois record says that podiumrecovery.com is Created on 2019-07-13 Expires on 2020-07-13 Updated on 2019-09-11 In the footer section, the company says @2017, podiumrecovery.com. All rights reserved. This is contradictory as the site was created in the year 2019 according to whois records.

Is Podiumrecovery a scam or a legit firm?

According to the details and facts that has been found about the podiumrecovery.com, the firm lacks reliability and transparency. There are various suspicious things about the firm like its copied about us and no traces on the internet. Hence, we would recommend to go through this review and do your research before engaging with this firm.

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