Proactive Expert Trading Review- Scam Broker

Proactive expert trading is not a trusted broker. It is under severe suspicion as there is no legit website or landing page through which one can gather the required information to contact them. Read the full Proactive Expert review here. It is a Canada based Forex broker company. It offers six different types of accounts for trading. They offer their prospects to invest through different packages. The minimum investment is £2500 to £250000 Also, there is no mention of the company handling the website and transactions. Therefore no accountability, no trust. Read further to understand this Scam Broker and how not to get scammed if you are approached in any way from Proactive Expert Trading?



There are a lot of red flags that are portrayed on the internet through their website. The first and foremost being malfunctioning of their website. This website is not responding. Thus people who have previously invested their money in this are in stress. This disappearance of any website is a major red flag. Secondly, the deal which they offer to invest a minimum capital of £2500 is way too high as compared to the market rates in the verge of promising extraordinary returns which is not realistic.


The flashy the deal they show the less they should be trusted. A bigger amount of investment doesn’t mean higher returns but what it does guarantee is a higher risk of losing a bigger amount. They ask to invest more after giving a small return which motivates investors to put more money into their packages to get even higher returns and then suddenly there will befall in the profits then they will ask to invest more to recover the profits and the cycle continues. This loop never ends.


Therefore, beware before you invest in any such brokerage as the rise and fall of the markets is unpredictable these brokers take advantage of such market risks and risks all your money. After you invest your money in this broker firm the control will be taken from your hands. You won’t be able to figure out when and where your money is going. Even if you think about investing make sure you have gone through all the terms and conditions prior to the investment. Also, take into account the accountability factor that is there any organization or individual taking responsibility for the fishy activity in case of it happens.


Is Proactive Expert Trading a scam?

Yes, it is a scam and it can be verified to the fact that the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has issued a public warning against Proactive Expert Trading. Therefore, it is a blacklisted company. This is not a registered company and has not gone through any legal proceedings. This makes them even more unworthy of trust.


As this company is said to be registered in Switzerland and forex brokerage has to be licensed by FINMA in Switzerland. One should cross-check with the official websites of authority that whether the claims made by the broker is authentic or not. You can see for yourself whether they are trustworthy or not.

Therefore in order to avoid any financial loss, we advise you to avoid getting into any business with Proactive Expert Trading.









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