Recover Asset Fast Review

There are various fund recovery firms available online due to the fact that online scams are increasing. These firms fight for the victims of scams and get the lost fund back to them. These recovery services are helping hand to many victims but scammers have found their way in this recovery market too. is an online recovery firm and in this review, we get into the details about the firm to know how legit is the firm. Read the full Recover Asset Fast review here.

About  Recover Asset Fast: is a recovery firm that helps in getting back the lost funds from binary options scams and cryptocurrency scams. The firm has its office in Los Angeles and no other contact information is provided by the firm. The firm even has not provided any email address for contacting them which creates real suspicion about the firm. The firm claims to have more than 650 successful cases, interestingly it is only 131 days old. How is this even possible? The claim is no doubt false. So, is this a scam?

More facts about Recover Asset Fast

Recoverassetfast seems suspicious to us so we did some research about the firm. On a reviewer said, “the firm has not paid him back the money to be recovered and even charged him commissions which were also not returned to him”. On a review about the firm reads “the firm is a scammer and stolen the money amounting 25,000 pounds claiming that they can get the money back but did nothing”. Scamadviser has also warned people that the firm might be a scam. It has given a very low trust score to and has highlighted the following negative points.

  1. No reviews have been found on WOT (Web of Trust).
  2. SSL certificate of the website was not identified.
  3. The company is only 131 days old.
  4. Credit card charge prevention activities have been found.

Whois record of Recover Asset Fast

According to the, the record of whois says that is Created on 2020-02-09 Expires on 2021-02-09 Updated on 0000-12-31

Is Recover Asset Fast a scam or legit firm? seems suspicious and might be involved in a scam. The reviews of the firm on the internet are not good and the claims of the firm have been also found false. Therefore, it would be risky to handover them your money as the firm lacks reliability. The firm is also very new, not even a year old.

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