Recover Fx losses review

As its name suggests helps in recovering the money lost by the people to fraud forex brokers. The firm however is majorly focused on forex recovery but also provides some other services related to assets. These recovery firms have been working for getting the funds back from the scammers through chargebacks. Interestingly, online scams are not limited to these forex and trading brokers, recovery firms too can be seen involved in scams. Read the full Recoverfxlosses review here.

About Recoverfxlosses:

According to’s website, it is an online recovery firm that was founded in 2017 by David Hull. The firm claims to help people who have lost their money to forex trading and also mentioned some accounts cases that can be recovered. The accounts it covers are Accounts with open trades, new accounts with no history, MT4 accounts, accounts with no open trade, new accounts with old history, and non MT4 accounts. The website of Recoverfxlosses doesn’t look professional as it is not secured by an SSL certificate which is one of the biggest security concerns when dealing with sensitive cases like Fund Recovery. Also, it takes more time than usual to load its home page. The firm also doesn’t seem to hold any license for providing its services as it is headquartered in the UK it requires having a license from FCA.

More facts about the Recoverfxlosses: claims to be founded in 2017 whereas, it has mentioned an experience of more than 17 years. This is misleading information and this affects the overall reputation of the firm. When we have searched about this firm on the internet there is no information available regarding Recoverfxlosses, no sites posted anything about it and even there were no reviews. Reviews are an important factor for any online firm as they speak about the firm’s reach and reputation. Having reviews nowhere might not a good sign and indicates suspicion about the authenticity of the firm. Moreover, there is no ‘FAQ’ section on the site of while it claims of having more than 7 satisfied clients and more than 13 cases.

Whois record of Recoverfxlosses:

According to, the record says is Created on 2017-11-17 Expires on 2020-11-17 Updated on 2019-11-13

Is Recoverfxlosses a scam or a legit firm? seems to be a suspicious recovery firm as there is no information about it on the internet. No review sites like Trustpilot or Scamadviser has anything about this firm. Something does not seem good about the legitimacy of the firm as despite being around 3 years old it has nothing on the internet.

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