Recovery Dome Review is a recovery firm which is meant to provide services relating to recovery of funds from the fraud brokers. The victim of the scam could complain about the fraud done to him by any online fraud broker to these recovery firms and can seek help from them. These firms are meant to fight for their clients legally and help them in getting their lost funds. But, unfortunately, these firms are not all genuine, there are scammers too. Read the full Recovery Dome review here.

About Recoverydome: called itself ‘Recover Dome’ and claims to provide recovery of wealth/resources lost through the internet scams and fraud. There is a very tiny logo of the firm on the left corner, which is so tiny that one can’t read what’s written in that. The firm is headquartered in Worcester, United Kingdom. Although the address doesn’t seem correct as it can’t be loaded on Google maps, this is really suspicious. seems to be a clone website of which has been suspected as a scam. The website seems unprofessional and not presented well. There are many spelling mistakes on the website, it nowhere mentioned clearly about what areas it covers in recovery, no data regarding the owner, and no ‘FAQ” section.

More facts about Recoverydome: claims to have 7 years of experience but whois record says that it is only 404 days old. Not only this, but it has also claimed of winning 1021 cases, and 1239 clients represented and cases handled. How is this possible, the firm is just up for 404 days? Such false claims ignite suspicion about the firm and its authenticity. After researching more about, we come up with Scamadviser which shows risk and highlighted some negatives. Those negatives include

  • the hidden identity of the owner of,
  • no reviews found on Web of Trust,
  • Scamadviser has identified a PO box as address that allows the firm to remain anonymous, and the setup pf the website relates to 3 countries.

Whois record of Recoverydome:

According to, the record says that is Created on 2019-05-05 Expires on 2021-05-05 Updated on 2020-05-14

Is Recoverydome a scam or a legit firm? seems to be a clone of which is suspected as a scam. The exaggerated false claims by the firm have also increased the level of suspicion. Also, considering Scamadviser’s information we would recommend going through these details before handing them your hard-earned money.

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