Rex Wealth Recovery Review

Recovery of funds for the victims who have been scammed by the fraud brokers is a service provided by numerous firms specially formed with this agenda. The firms are specialized and are in the market to provide services of recovering money from the fraudulent brokers but not all the firms out there are honest recovery firms. Some of the firms have bad intentions behind their offerings and actually scam the victim back.

About Rex Wealth Recovery:

According to the website of Rexwealthrecovery, it is an intelligence-gathering firm that specializes in funds recovery, risk mitigation, and claims assessment. They have also said that they are not court-appointed claims administrator or class counsel. The firm contract with licensed investigators and their website is for informational purposes and the services provided by Rexwealthrecovery are not legal services and the protection of the client-attorney relationship does not exist with respect to the nonlegal services. The firm Rex wealth recovery is Headquartered at World Financial Center, 220 Vesey Street New York, NY 10281. The firm apart of Binary and forex doesn’t mention any other area of fund recovery services clearly. Read the full Rex Wealth Recovery review here.

More facts about Rexwealthrecovery:

The website of the Rexwealthrecovery hasn’t mentioned any details or information regarding in which areas it provides recovery services and the countries it has legal access to. Moreover, in the FAQ section of the website, there are no questions regarding the firm, all of the questions rotate around ‘Chargeback’. After finding some confusing and suspicious things on its website we did some internet research and got some reviews about Rexwealthrecovery on Rexwealthrecovery has also used the name of two different firms in their ‘Terms and Conditions’ section. They say the website is operated by the ‘Dunde Wealth Recovery Group’. Also, the name ‘Phoenix Advisers’ is mentioned in the middle of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page which shows that the firm is a part of the ‘Phoenix Advisers’ group. One of those negative reviews stated that when the victim approached rexwealthrecovery for a bitcoin scam of $13000 the victim ended up further loosing $15000 due to some malfunction in the hacking exploit tool which according to the victim used. After this their agent has the even asked the victim for further funding of his blockchain wallet of $5000.

Whois record of Rexwealthrecovery:

According to the site, the record of whois says that Rex wealth recovery is Created on 2019-02-13 Expires on 2021-02-13 Updated on 2020-01-15

Is Rexwealthrecovery a scam or a legit firm?

After considering all the facts and details about the firm, it might be a suspicious firm that could possibly not have all the honest intentions. Therefore, it would be advisable to consider the facts and details before handing over your money to them.

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