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Start Options states itself to be one of the best and renowned binary options traders. As you might have guessed by now, this has been a very common move of most scam brokers. This tactic is usually used by the scam brokers to increase or instill credibility among the minds of the public. Such tactics have been observed to increase the authenticity of the company. Start Options has been looking like a scam broker from the start of the research itself.


About Start Options:


The company provides no information at all about itself or the founders. This is a clear tactic used to ensure that the authorities cannot catch the people behind a scam company. The regulated companies are bound to give the public access to basic information about the company. This, as per the regulated authorities, helps the public in making a good decision on whether they want to join the said regulated company or not.


The website of Start Options has been registered in December of 2005. The website provides an address of a place in the Philippines called Manilla. However, the business presentation of Start Options that are available on their website states something entirely different. The presentation claims that Start Options has its headquarters in Auckland, a place in New Zealand.  When our team of cyber experts investigated this conspiration regarding the address, it turned out that the address actually belongs to a cafe. Therefore, there is no evidence of Start Options having headquarter in the Philippines or New Zealand. Altogether, there is no proof of the fact that Start Options even exists physically. This assumption of our can be further cleared as we move towards the bonus schemes that has been provided by the company. Start Options offers a rather weird trading scheme. It states on the website that for a customer to win a bonus, they must do 10 trades and win consecutively in order to get a bonus reward of 500 dollars. This bonus, however, mouthwatering it may sound, is a clear hoax as regulated companies are not even allowed to offer bonuses. The bonus strategy is yet again common tactics of the scam companies in order to lure the victims into their vicious trap. If you go forward and read the terms and conditions of this bonus feature, it is clearly stated that the customers cannot trade the same asset consecutively. It also states that the customer must trade a minimum amount of 20 dollars.


Is Start Options a scam or legit?


The bonus that comes with this weird lucrative game of theirs is not the only bonus that you get apparently. There is another bonus for the poor victims of Start Options called a welcome bonus. The company claims that this bonus is for the first time depositors and accounts for as huge as 25%. The minimum deposit for making an account is 250 dollars. This is yet another indicator that Start Options is a scam. In conclusion, Start Options is a scam broker and we do not encourage any of our readers to trade with this fraud broker.

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