StockSons Review


The broker StockSons claims to deal with stocks, futures, and FX. The broker offers many investment plans and promises high Return On Investments. The provided trading accounts and investment plans are suspicious. However, there are many problems with this broker. In this Stock Sons review, we will cover all the crucial information of StockSons. So don’t forget to read this exclusive review thoroughly.

About StockSons:

To make reviews unbiased, we will discuss the possible strengths and weaknesses of StockSons. Unfortunately, the broker under consideration is anonymous and has many problems for the same reason we could not find any strength of it. But the broker deals with stocks, and its name sheds light on its offerings. The weaknesses of this broker are many, and we will talk about them one by one in this section. The most crucial aspect of any broker is regulation and licensing. Unfortunately, Stock Sons fails in it. The broker allegedly claims to be operational from Luxembourg, and apart from it does not share any information. The broker functional from Luxembourg must be regulated by Commission de Surveillance du Sectuer Financier or similar financial regulators across the European Union. CSSF does not regulate the broker; instead, CSSF has given Stock Sons a red flag for providing illegal brokerage services in the country. The broker also hides the essential trading condition’s information that includes spreads provided, leverages offered, minimum investment, and trading platform. However, the broker does not provide a proper trading platform. It features an unknown dashboard with no trading facility. The three investment plans are named USD, EUR, and GBP, with minimum deposits of $50, $500, and $3000, respectively. The Return On Investments promised is 51%, 70%, and 93%. This guaranteed ROI is too high to be true. The fact is how Stock Sons generates such a high ROI is not shared anywhere on the website and is another hint to scam.

Is StockSons scam or legit?

The broker claims to be operational from Luxembourg but does not have CSSF regulation. The offered ROI is unimaginable. Trading conditions are not appropriately disclosed. The broker does not have any trading platform. StockSons is yet another Ponzi Multi-Level Marketing scheme. Traders investment posses high risk with a broker, and it is not a good sign. Also, scam warning against it is worrying. The broker Stock Sons is a potential scam broker 2020.

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