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Trader Defense Advisory specializes in investigations and fund recovery related to cyber-crimes and fraud.  Recoveries have included finance scams, forex scams, Bitcoin cryptocurrency scams, options scams, romance scams, counterfeit bank scams and inheritance scams. Read the full Trader Defense Advisory review here.

TDA’s recovery team is able to trace a myriad of transaction methods including those done with credit cards, bitcoin & cryptocurrencies, and bank wire transactions.  The company boasts an extremely experienced recovery team that has assisted hundreds of clients.  To date the team has recovered over 15 million dollars in claims.
Since TDA’s founding, it has established rapport with exchanges, investigators, lawyers, cyber-security companies, banks, regulators, and law enforcement authorities throughout Europe, the Middle East, Oceana, North America to track down and return client funds.”

About Trader Defense Advisory:

We spoke to TDA’s team regarding how they work.  “Every day, Trader Defense Advisory gets hundreds of complaints worldwide from victims about various scams.   We hear about scams from almost every industry, with amounts ranging from thousands to millions of dollars,” said Ronen Benson, head of information security.


“TDA uses technology to quickly compile data on claims – to match new information to old data and create new initial investigations.  After processing complaints TDA interviews victims to gauge the likelihood and cost of recovery.  All clients receive free consultations and often either reports or advice, regardless of TDA’s paid services.  Some clients may choose a deeper investigative track in order to recover their funds. This process typically requires us to work across investigators, lawyers, banks, processors and authorities around the globe.  

Because it is labor intensive and there is a large volume of complaints, it would be impossible for TDA to process all claims as well as to investigate claims without a fee.”

Asked what is happening in the recovery industry, Benson replied,  “In the last quarter we’ve seen a giant spike in crypto-related fraudulent activity.  Specifically, clients are complaining that cyber-criminals pose as investment advisors and convince unknowing victims to log in to their computer using remote desktop applications.  The culprits then wire the victim’s money to regulated bitcoin exchanges, and from there, the culprits send the bitcoin to their personal wallets.  Because cryptocurrency has an illusion of anonymity, Bitcoin scammers think they are safe hiding behind exchanges.  Trader Defense Advisory has big news for these scammers, we can track them.



Trader Defense Advisory consults with clients for free, as well as charges fees for certain services. They generally can give a good estimate of the probability to recover client funds but they do not guarantee successful recovery.
“Any company claiming a 100% chance of recovery should not be trusted.” said Mr. Benson.

The Final Verdict: is an honest trusted company that provides true services.Their recovery team has a proven track record of assisting clients in recovering over $15,000,000 in claims, and reports they provide a real service and solid communication.  They are not pushy and show clients all available options.  We recommend TDA to anyone seeking a trusted company to help them recover their funds.

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