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When the pacing technology joins hands with the 21st century, it opens up a plethora of opportunities for people to discover and experiment with. However, instead of using it for the wellness of society and our own, humans are taking advantage of this opportunity by experimenting with crimes online. Online scams manage to be one of the top crimes that trap thousands of people every day in its vicious cycle.

About Trinity Mining:

Like every other company, Trinity Mining also claims to be the best in town with its team of experienced traders who have been in the industry for many years. However, upon looking up their website, we found out that Trinity Mining reveals no information at all about the board of directors or the founder of the company. After involving some of our tech experts to get information on the website, we found out that the domain was registered almost 3 years ago in 2018. The further information of the domain could not be revealed as it was a private registration and due to the privacy policies, we were unable to know more about Trinity Mining’s domain. The address that is given on the website of Trinity Mining traces back to Panama. However, the address is not real but a virtual one. This further narrowed down our chance to trace this potential scam broker who does not have an office as well. The trade companies and investment brokers that are regulated by the regulatory authorities are usually asked to make their basic information such as the details about the founders and the executive board members. This is needed in order to ensure that the customer has enough knowledge about the company before investing their hard-earned life savings in the company.

The working of Trinity Mining seems pretty tricky. It states on the website that it offers products for sale. The major twist in this is that the company does not offer these products to retail customers. The one and only method through which the customers can purchase these products are by becoming a member of this company. The company is classified as an MLM company which actively demonstrates that the company must offer its products to retail customers as stated by the law. Now, most of our readers must be curious to know what items this company is selling. Trinity Mining offers its members something that they call cloud mining to charge the tools needed to do mining activities.

Is Trinity Mining a scam or legit?

Trinity Mining also offers 4 different options for anyone to register as a member by the names of Bronze level, Silver level, Gold level, and platinum level. The Bronze level demands a minimum investment of 500 dollars whereas the Silver level asks for 2500 dollars. The ROI on both of these are 230% and 250% respectively. The Gold level demands a minimum investment of 5000 dollars and the Platinum level demands 10000 dollars. The ROI for these two are 275% and 325% respectively. In order to sum up all that has been said above, Trinity Mining is a potential scam, and we strongly recommend our readers stay away from this scam broker.

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