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Recovering funds is a kind of services offered to victims who lost their money to fraud brokers and got scammed. There are various firms in the market which provide these kinds of services and wehelponfunds.com is one of them. Some of these recovery firms are seen as involved in a scam too. Therefore, before choosing any firm to get help from one must get into good details about the firm.

About Wehelponfunds:

Wehelponfunds.com calls itself an American association that has its office in California. The firm provides recovery services but has nowhere clearly mentioned about what areas does it cover for recovering funds. As on its home page, wehelponfunds.com has mentioned that its’ a firm for binary option and romance scam. whereas, in on its services page the firm has mentioned services like future investment planning, crisis management, risk management, but not specifically fund recovery. The firm seems misleading to the users about what services it actually provides. The firm in its ‘About us’ section has said that it covers clients all through North and South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia. But, when we checked on its FAQ section, its answer to their question “Which client do the accept” is that “It works for clients from any part of the world”. This contrast information by the firm creates suspicion about it. Read the full We Help On Funds review here.

More facts about the We Helpon funds:

Wehelponfunds.com has its office in Santa Cruz but it mentioned that it has its business started from San Francisco. This seems unusual because firm has not mentioned anything like they have shifted their office, so why have they mentioned San Francisco in their about us? This creates suspicion about the firm and its authenticity. Interestingly, there is no review of the firm wehelponfunds.com on the internet. We all know that reviews are very important in the case of an online firm, as reviews reflect the reputation and popularity of the firm. Although we found a bad trust score of 27% about Wehelpfunds.com on ScamDoc.

Whois record of wehelponfunds:

According to the whois.domaintools.com, the record says that wehelponfunds.com is Created on 2019-04-27 Expires on 2021-04-27 Updated on 2020-04-18

Is wehelponfunds a scam or a legit firm?

The details and some misleading information of wehelponfunds.com put it more on the suspicion side. The firm has suspected to be a scam and has not many details on the internet. Hence, we would suggest to give a thought about this firm before engaging with it.

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